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When it comes to study in Australia, its not only about getting international degree or studying in second best country in the world or about just getting multiculture exposure in Australian Society. Its about making future of yourself, its about fulfilling dreams for your whole family and overall its about giving yourself and your parents a respectable positions in the society.

When students from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Korea, China, Brazil or other south american countries looks to study in Australia, they want to make sure they can get access to cheap courses at very affordable fees along with high success of positive visa outcome. Research to study in Australia starts with choosing proper course and proper educational provider in Australia.

Australian education system is divided into various sectors when it comes to international students. Various levels have been divided into VET and higher education categories in Australia. For example when you want to study certificate III or certificate IV or Diploma or Advance Diploma courses in various sectors in Australia then that's classified as VOCATIONAL EDUCATION SECTOR (VET). Same time when students wants to study bachelor or masters degree, its categorise as HIGHER EDUCATION (HE).

When students finishES their standard 12 study in their home country then they can choose from either VET sector courses or can go for Bachelor degree courses. When students finishes bachelor degree courses in their home country then they can go for various masters degree course depending on their bachelor qualifications.

Most of students who comes to Australia, they come here with dream of settling down in Australia. Most students they want to invest in their studies by selling their farm, family land, family house and other ancestor properties to make future for themselves in Australia as in most cases Australian Dollar holds much bigger value in comparision to their home country currency.

Getting permanent residency options in Australia for international students are not like before as rules are changing and Australina Government is looking to relate eduation with skills sets in demand for better future for country. Students can refer to below link to get some idea as what can be good skill set and studies for their future:

All information is available on Australian Department of Home Affairs website which gets updated quiet regularly to help everyone in need. Also, students can visit individual course providers website to understand more about course and course provider. Students can also visit

This site gives detailed idea about course providers registraiton and other details.

Study in Australia is a mission towards exploring bright future for international students and their family. Its very important to take every step right from day one to make sure you dont end up in wrong place at wrong time which can spoil your family's dream, your future and everyone's hope.

For any help, please feel free to email us on

We would be more than happy to help you without self interest as right step towards your future with ability to take informed decision is key to success.


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