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Commission Claim terms and Conditions:

  • All commissions will only be paid if student is currently enrolled with us for that intake.
  • All commissions will only be paid if student has paid all course fee as per requirement from education provider.
  • All commission will have GST component which will be deducted if getting paid in overseas bank account.
  • All commissions will be paid through our Australian Bank account so it will be passed on as per exchange rate of the bank on that given time frame, Aussie Education will not be responsible for any losses due to any fluctuations in currency exchange.
  • All commissions can only claimable 21 days after the Census date which is normally 28 days after the commencement of the course for student.
  • Commission can be claw backed if dealers are found to be spinning student or transferring students purposely from one institution to another.
  • Most of education providers releases commission in 8 weeks from actual start date of the course, we will advise accordingly as any such delays will delay the commission payments.
  • Aussie Education will not hold any commission paid invoices and will obliged to entertain all commission queries in 3-5 working days.
  • No commission will be paid where dealer or channel partner or franchisee found guilty of not following company policies for ethical behaviour in recruitment of students.
  • Any commission claims queries if not resolved should be sent to

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