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Finding a Program That Meets Your Needs

Once you are through about your personal requirements for the perfect program, you need to get information about the following things in order to choose the program that best matches your profile. We enable you to find the program that meets your profile and requirement with the help of available information about the university. Before we find a right program, we help you in answering the following questions vis-à-vis your requirement:-

  • What is the school’s focus?
  • How is the curriculum organized?
  • Are the courses separate or integrated?
  • What are the student responsibilities?
  • Does the school have strict policies regarding attendance, homework, and tests?
  • How are students promoted from one level to another?
  • What are the hours of study?
  • How many hours a week is the program?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the fees and what is included in these charges?
  • Are there extra fees for insurance, books, and social activities?
  • There is a saying in America: You get what you pay for.” But high tuition does not always guarantee an excellent program".
  • What is the location of the program?

Identifying right institution

Help you identify the right institution based on your requirement. Factors to Consider are: 

  • Quality
  • Enrollment Size,
  • Other Educational Factors
  • Availability of financial aid,
  • Cost
  • Housing
  • Access to Health Care
  • Approach to technology,
  • International Student Services Office,
  • Housing
  • Safety,
  • Social Activities
  • Whether racial discrimination prevalent in the campus
  • Location and Climate
  • On/Off Campus jobs
  • Your chosen field of study
  • Library, Laboratory, Computer facilities etc,
  • Location of the university: Rural, Urban or Semi Urban

Call us right away at 0406-107-107 because we will feel glad to assist you. Or you can send your application online.


"Aussie Education helped me to change my college from $15000/year to $7000/year. College is very good and I am back to life as now I am not working just for fees. Thank you Satya and team for looking after me and helping me with the change of college in 4 days." -Sapana Gurung (Ransford College) Sydney 2017 - 2018"

Ransford College
Sydney 2017 - 2018

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